Looking for a Houston Therapist?

Know & Live Counseling and Consulting is here to help. I am passionate about being able to support you through life’s most difficult transitions, creating a specialized program and action-oriented treatment to help you achieve your goals.

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What makes Know & Live Counseling and Consulting unique?

The guiding Therapeutic Process of Know & Live Counseling and Consulting is providing focused guidance when you need it most. We are a force for change during life’s most difficult moments – when going it alone can feel overwhelming and hopeless.

My Therapeutic Process

Exploring the Past and the Present

In order to facilitate a meaningful change, I work by first guiding an examination of your history, current difficulties and interpersonal dynamics. Believing that deeper, long-lasting change is better than simply treating symptoms, I provide treatment that focus not only on the current issues, but exploring how past experiences affect a person's life in the present. With a deeper understanding on the origin of psychological issues, treatment can then progress with focusing on how to manage and change long-held patterns of beliefs and behaviors.

Interpersonal Dynamics

In addition, my treatment may also incorporate analyzing the interpersonal dynamics that are created in the therapy office. Being able to understand and explore dynamics between therapist and client, will allow my client to better understand and perhaps, change, dynamics in their relationships with friends, family, and intimate partners.

Action-oriented Techniques

And finally, I provide directive guidance by incorporating specific therapeutic techniques to help you with your current concerns and symptoms. In order to manage your symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, or substance use issues (for example), I will incorporate action-oriented interventions to help you meet your goals. These techniques can include mindfulness and meditative techniques to help you manage your symptoms, as well as direct exercises to incorporate in your daily life, outside of session.


Experiences that causes intense fear, horror or helplessness

Depression & Anxiety

Low moods, Nervousness, irritability, problems sleeping and concentrating

Behavioral Issues

Frequently causes significant issues at school, home and/or with peers


Help to reach your personal and professional goals with less stress


Conflicts are a part of family life and can be stressful or impact daily life

& Marriage

Couples commonly face issues with finances, communication and more