Couples Therapy

Couples and marriage therapy, which may include family counseling, is appropriate for couples at varying stages of partnership – whether you are in a committed relationship, boyfriend or girlfriend, engaged, recently married, married for decades, or considering separating. Couples Therapy is for opposite or same-sex couples, as well as non-binary individuals.

It’s a unique privilege to provide support to proactive couples who are interested in strengthening their overall relationship, or addressing specific concerns. At Know & Live Counseling and Consulting I will be working on your present-day concerns and addressing marital issues that are important to you now. Over time, you will have the opportunity to broaden your focus to explore the root causes of your concerns. The goal of couples and marriage therapy is to teach tools and techniques to improve communication so you can solve problems and learn more about yourselves and each other in the process.

Couples benefit from couples and marital therapy by developing clarity over their “stuck points” and identity a path forward. Most couples find relief after the first session. With clearer insight into relationship issues that plague you, you will find yourself stronger and more resilient than ever.

It’s hard work to maintain a healthy relationship, especially if you’ve stopped sharing openly with your partner your goals, expectations, and dreams. Working with me at Know & Live Counseling and Consulting can get you back on the same page, ready to work towards your goals and build a future based on what’s best for your relationship.